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    I want to learn to develop wordpress theme, and I need reference. I just have basic HTML scripting.
    Could some one suggest me where or any book to learn?
    It will be good if the resource is free :)

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    Not sure about a free resource, but you'll also have to learn some basic PHP to develop WP themes
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    This is the simplest way you can learn how to develop a Wordpress theme:
    how to create wordpress theme

    Using those results, you can get interested and know that there are many ways freely available to become what you desire. Once you're sufficiently interested in your subject by reading those ways, you can proceed to learn the basics of web designing and programming.

    Web designing, Photoshop, Html, CSS, PHP, JavaScripts, etc are focused topics and skills that you can only fully learn and understand (their applications) when there is a burning desire/interest in knowing how things work and how to make those things work in that field -- first in a standard way, and then in an advanced and masterly way.

    You need a burning desire to learn about how things work in a specific field (e.g.: field of WP theme development), then you need to find all the possible way you can reach those goals (use Google, among other things), and then you need to focus, pursue, and master all, or most, or some major specific topics/programs of that field:

    for example:
    Don't want to undergo specific trainings and simply want to get on with theme development? Then use applications like Artisteer, or simply use Wordpress and use required themes and plugins, etc. That will help you 'develop' a 'customized' WP theme, which you can even sell if you're able to create a basic 'WP theme' that suits a specific niche.

    Need to learn only a few basic things (initially)? Then learn (all the above) + learn at least the latest html and css.

    Need to go into more specifics? Then learn PHP, Javascripts, programming concepts and applications, etc. Learn flowcharting... it helps in the project/product visualizing process.

    Need to go into more advanced topics, then learn database programming and SQL, software development concepts, e-commerce concepts and applications, etc.

    You can learn everything free of cost using Google (and of course, from BHW sections including the Downloads section) and/or from going to specialized schools in the real world.

    The above may not be the technically correct way of making you a WP theme developer, but it at least will help you begin somewhere. IMO, to reach the goal, you need to 'love' your subject, and then chase those dreams till they are fully realized. And then, you need to go a lot more ahead from there. It can take a few days, or it can take an entire lifetime. That journey become enjoyable and productive only if you are fully focused.:)

    The path to reaching the goal could differ vastly from the above steps, but to a person needing to begin NOW, you may begin hunting for the topics by simply using Google, IMO.
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