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    Selling FB Ads Accts $5K+ Daily Spend
    Selling FB Ads Accts $5K+ Daily Spend
    I'm sorry if i post this in the wrong section

    I have read some threads about lead generation specially this nice thread series by kboxer7


    but i still don't understand and confuse the difference between Lead Generation and List Building.

    Are the just the same? Or Lead Gen is for offline marketing (since i saw the target is for local) and List Building is for online marketing?

    Any explanation will be appreciated
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    Good evening,

    I think you may be playing semantics with the use of "lead gen" vs "list building."

    They are essentially the same at first glance. Rather the difference is in how you "use" the data. For example, list building is normally used to describe those building opt in email leads to send newsletters to etc. Whereas lead gen typically refers to generating long or short form leads that include more than just a name and email addy (though they can certainly consist of just that), and are normally "sold" or generated for advertisers on CPA networks or sold direct to businesses (either offline or online).

    The methodology for generating either can also be the same (and often is).

    I use the term "lead gen" because I focus on quality and because my leads typically have more data than just a name + email addy. My personal opinion is that "lead gen" sounds more like "customer generation" rather than simply catching data to then market to later.

    Best regards,
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