ask for a bot and il ask to make it


Mar 24, 2010
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i know the captcha team and i asked them before posting here

ask for any bot that is not on their website and i promise u to get a free licence for a 6 months !

the terms would be that once u post your bot idea , 5 other persons will need to thank you , if u got more the 5 thanks il move it to the CH team
and they will consider it ,if they aprove it then u and the ones that thanked you(5 first ones ) wil get a free copy for 6 months ! i guess it worth it !
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a bot that confirms activation emails for gmail/hotmail/yahoo
A form that can help in regisering onlinw in mulpiple websites whihc will help in Google local listings ( citations)
a bot that is similar to roboform but that can handle lists of info and automatically put this info into a form on a website, rotating to the next name on the list when I go back to that website.
a facebook bot that automatically posts on all my friends walls!
facebook bot which can post on pages walls and not expensive
a bot that can print money for me and sell in mail box.... sorry just kidding i am sure this will get 10000 thanks for sure hahaha

keep on going guys
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