(Ask) Adsense,Youtube,and Bad Standing Google!

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    Jul 14, 2017
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    buenas noches....
    i have my youtube channel (associated with adsense) who growing up to 600 subscriber (maybe will grow fast) with more than 100 videos..
    but i got problem and i cant tell it..so i decide Delete all my video who got problem,,..
    you have to know that my channel is number one on my niche....number one one google search.,,.i got more than 3000 viewers/days..so i dominated keyword with my youtube videos..

    But..as you know before,i have to Delete it because i got biggest problem with Copyright....

    but my questions is ...should i delete my videos?

    some people said that "If i deleted my video i will get BAD STANDING BY GOOGLE AND FRIENDS"
    Some People give me advice to "Private My Videos"?
    Will My Video Not Display on youtube or google if i private my video?
    Please Help Me...

    muchas gracias