Articles 101: (2) Basic Question

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    Was hoping I could get some help, two quick Questions.

    1) Do you normally mention the site's name your writing the article for in the article? Or is that not something your supposed to when you write an article.

    Like, would you say that you're writing from/for, for example, in your article anywhere? Or would you even mention

    2) And do you build your article around keywords or does it not really matter?

    Article is for creating backlinks.

    Also, If I can give as much as I am taking. When you're spinning articles, Create two alternative sentences for each sentence. It will exponentially keep your uniqueness rate high even over 400+ article submissions. It's worth the effort.
    It's been a while from the time I learned about article writing, to having my site where I want it and actually ready to begin link building.|

    Please help :)