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Aug 8, 2010
Hi, just a noob here, hopefully you guys can help. I browsed with the search function but couldn't really find the answers i needed.

Firstly, lets say I have an article for submission, should i submit the article to all the directories or limit myself? And if i limit myself, how many should I limit it to?

Secondly, I keep rereading about article rewriting. Is it basically taking the one article, rewriting it and reposting to same directory or to new directories?

I'm sure i have more questions, but would appreciate any answer, thank you.
lol...I'm waiting for my question to get answerd as well. I figured I would give a fellow noob, a quick shout out. Don't worry we will be running with the big dogs soon. Hardwork + Drive = $$$$$$ See you on top!!!
you can use an article spinner to make multiple unique copies of the article and send them out to many directories, that way you get many times the backlinks. Im trying to find a good article spinner as we speak as ive had a few problems with my current one. A lot of them submit to directories automatically as well however you usually have to pay for these services
I tried an article spinner and it didn't seem very good at all, but I guess the rates being charged on this site isn't too bad anyways. Still want to know how many directories I should post per article. I mean even if I spin it, I'd like to know how many i can post to lol.
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