Article rewriting service around 20 articles a week (Output: spintax)

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    Jun 18, 2011
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    I am looking for a article rewriter for the following:

    - Around 20 articles a week.
    - Timespace to complete 4 days.
    - Output in spintax.
    - Spinning to your best abilities (So when 10 synonyms would fit, all 10 of them should be used (And the same for 20 (though that would be very rare).
    - At least 75% unique, the more spinned the better.
    - Majority of content is in the health niche.

    I will deliver you the articles in txt fiile, your job is to send them back in spintax txt so I am able to open them with TBS, I will copyscape check them with a premium account. Final payment after pass through copyscape!

    I am outsourcing this due the fact I don't have the time to do it myself, so don't waste my time with bad spinned articles, auto spinned articles etc. I'll check them all manually! You got 4 days to complete, that would be more then enough. I rely on your efforts to complete this within the delivered timespace. In any other case you waste my time. (There can always be exceptions)

    I am not that handy with The Best Spinner, but If you are you can make a small but decent income of with this! We could expand the service when I am satisfied and got something to offer you.

    Disclaimer: Please remember that you hand over full rights of the spinned versions to me, you have no further rights to distribute them in any other way!

    PM me with a decent offer, tell me what your price will be per article.