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    As I am an article writer and provider of an article writing service on another well-known forum (WF), you could say I was a little biased in saying article marketing works. However, writing articles for website or blog promotion still works, regardless of what some might say.

    When it comes to targeted qualified traffic to your site article writing is still very much your best approach.

    There are an enormous amount of free directories and other places you can submit articles to. Most of these directories have a bio box. The bio box is really the most important area of the article directory, as far as we are concerned. You must spend time on this bio box area; a good bio box must contain the following:
    1. A brief description of who you are, readers want to know they are reading a real persons article, it is a simple strategy to build trust.
    2. Include a call to action for instance, state ?to find out more? or even ?click here? you will be surprised how many more people will click on your links when they are told to.
    3. Make sure the re-direct links work, test them.
    4. Never use affiliate links in a bio box, it is much better to make a landing page first.

    When we write articles and submit these articles to directories, often these articles will be picked up by others and used on other folk?s sites.

    When these articles are used by others, they have to leave your signature link or resource box intact. Search engines will not penalize a site using these articles and do not consider it duplicate content as long as it is used correctly.

    Create and submit good quality articles on a regular basis, you will be given more credibility as an expert writer. Eventually people will look for your work if it is good. Think of expert email campaigners, they never send one email; you often get several emails from the same person over a period of time.

    Customers never buy a product from the first email they receive, experts know this.

    If you are not including article writing, in your marketing strategy then I urge you to start straight away.
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    In the next time I will pay more attention to your notes...Thanks!
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    I hope that you can offer some service here also for article writing as well as directory submission.