Article Freelancing... Opinions for getting more clients/jobs?!

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    Oct 26, 2014
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    In the past 2 months I have been focusing on article freelancing compared to my web development freelancing since the guidelines that clients want are a lot easier to follow than web design / development since everyone wants this changed and that changed after the site is complete and they say it looks great which means I am losing time and money since I have to keep working on the site after it exceeds the clients first expectations.

    Currently I have an account at oDesk which I have done 3 writing gigs in the last week for a total of $150 or so which covered article writing and article re-writes to make past articles 100% original in Copyscape. These 3 gigs where done in a total of 3 days but since there are 7 days in a week I am coming up short and want to find more clients to write, re-write, and edit for. I also have a full time 1st shift job so money is not a problem if I can't find the work but after work I rather make money instead of spending all my time on Facebook.

    So now I am wanting to know if anyone has any opinions on what the next action is that I should take to amp up my article writing gigs and get some more clients. I do not want to write for pennies on the dollar even though I lose out on some jobs using oDesk since they hire freelancers who are willing to do a 500 word article for $2.50 or less. On top of that I have examples of previous work that I have completed and am willing to complete a unique sample to get a decent gig.

    I already know that BHW has a content / article writing sections that you can pay to be listed which I have my eye on but I want to save up a little more cash and build a decent post count before I spend $100+ to get Jr. VIP and buy a listing in the section.

    So if anyone has experience in article writing or freelances or just has a general opinion on what my next step should be to build up more gigs and clients during the week please offer your advice... please no negativity!