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Discussion in 'The Shit List' started by Crucix, Aug 12, 2010.

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    Aug 18, 2009
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    Well i didn't really wanna bother making a thread about this piece of shit, but since I saw him browse BHW freely today, I thought I owe this to atleast BHW.

    Anyways.. long story short, i needed some myspace accounts fast, i got contacted by a few suppliers, this cocksucker was one of them, well I ordered to 2 suppliers... the other one who delivered, except Armin, who makes a fake news about the death of his Mother... and disappears.

    The Log:

    30/07/2010  12:55:36 PM  *9mil Crucify  Rohan Desai  yo 
    30/07/2010  12:55:41 PM  Rohan Desai  *9mil Crucify  yes 
    30/07/2010  12:55:43 PM  Rohan Desai  *9mil Crucify  hello 
    30/07/2010  12:55:58 PM  *9mil Crucify  Rohan Desai  Crucix from bhw 
    30/07/2010  12:56:03 PM  Rohan Desai  *9mil Crucify  yes 
    30/07/2010  12:56:07 PM  Rohan Desai  *9mil Crucify  i have sent you pm there too 
    30/07/2010  12:56:10 PM  *9mil Crucify  Rohan Desai  can u provide the myspace nw mate? 
    30/07/2010  12:56:18 PM  Rohan Desai  *9mil Crucify  I make on order 
    30/07/2010  12:56:24 PM  *9mil Crucify  Rohan Desai  ok 
    30/07/2010  12:56:29 PM  *9mil Crucify  Rohan Desai  giv me ur paypal 
    30/07/2010  12:56:42 PM  Rohan Desai  *9mil Crucify  kuangjun[email protected] 
    30/07/2010  12:56:53 PM  Rohan Desai  *9mil Crucify  but let me confirm 
    30/07/2010  12:56:58 PM  Rohan Desai  *9mil Crucify  you need female name account 
    30/07/2010  12:57:03 PM  *9mil Crucify  Rohan Desai  yes 
    30/07/2010  12:57:11 PM  Rohan Desai  *9mil Crucify  with unique US ips 
    30/07/2010  12:57:17 PM  Rohan Desai  *9mil Crucify  which city you would prefer? 
    30/07/2010  12:57:24 PM  *9mil Crucify  Rohan Desai  IPs don't mate matter, as long as they are unique 
    30/07/2010  12:57:28 PM  Rohan Desai  *9mil Crucify  age range? 
    30/07/2010  12:57:33 PM  *9mil Crucify  Rohan Desai  18+ 
    30/07/2010  12:57:39 PM  Rohan Desai  *9mil Crucify  18-25 is ok? 
    30/07/2010  12:57:45 PM  *9mil Crucify  Rohan Desai  ok 
    30/07/2010  12:57:52 PM  Rohan Desai  *9mil Crucify  fine 
    30/07/2010  12:57:58 PM  Rohan Desai  *9mil Crucify  what type of password you are looking? 
    30/07/2010  12:58:05 PM  Rohan Desai  *9mil Crucify  same or different? 
    30/07/2010  12:58:14 PM  *9mil Crucify  Rohan Desai  different is better i think 
    30/07/2010  12:58:18 PM  Rohan Desai  *9mil Crucify  ok 
    30/07/2010  12:58:20 PM  *9mil Crucify  Rohan Desai  mate whatever keeps the acc safer 
    30/07/2010  12:58:22 PM  *9mil Crucify  Rohan Desai  and unique 
    30/07/2010  12:58:23 PM  Rohan Desai  *9mil Crucify  and one last question 
    30/07/2010  12:58:36 PM  Rohan Desai  *9mil Crucify  I can create using hotmail or yahoo 
    30/07/2010  12:58:39 PM  Rohan Desai  *9mil Crucify  which one you prefer? 
    30/07/2010  12:58:55 PM  *9mil Crucify  Rohan Desai  both are same for me i guess 
    30/07/2010  12:59:01 PM  Rohan Desai  *9mil Crucify  ok 
    30/07/2010  12:59:02 PM  *9mil Crucify  Rohan Desai  hotmail 
    30/07/2010  12:59:10 PM  Rohan Desai  *9mil Crucify  ok fine 
    30/07/2010  12:59:16 PM  Rohan Desai  *9mil Crucify  i would say yahoo is better 
    30/07/2010  12:59:18 PM  Rohan Desai  *9mil Crucify  but its ok 
    30/07/2010  12:59:20 PM  *9mil Crucify  Rohan Desai  then do yahoo 
    30/07/2010  12:59:21 PM  *9mil Crucify  Rohan Desai  lol 
    30/07/2010  12:59:33 PM  *9mil Crucify  Rohan Desai  just pick the choices which makes the acccs stay longer 
    30/07/2010  12:59:41 PM  Rohan Desai  *9mil Crucify  ok fine 
    30/07/2010  12:59:56 PM  Rohan Desai  *9mil Crucify  12-24 hours delivery 
    30/07/2010  12:59:57 PM  Rohan Desai  *9mil Crucify  ok? 
    30/07/2010  1:00:16 PM  *9mil Crucify  Rohan Desai  okay 
    30/07/2010  1:00:29 PM  *9mil Crucify  Rohan Desai  sending $50 in paypal 
    30/07/2010  1:00:33 PM  Rohan Desai  *9mil Crucify  ok 
    30/07/2010  1:00:37 PM  Rohan Desai  *9mil Crucify  where are you from brother? 
    30/07/2010  1:00:50 PM  *9mil Crucify  Rohan Desai  australia 
    30/07/2010  1:00:53 PM  Rohan Desai  *9mil Crucify  ok 
    30/07/2010  1:01:43 PM  *9mil Crucify  Rohan Desai  sent 
    30/07/2010  1:01:53 PM  Rohan Desai  *9mil Crucify  ok i will take bath and start working on it 
    30/07/2010  1:01:54 PM  Rohan Desai  *9mil Crucify  ok? 
    30/07/2010  1:01:56 PM  Rohan Desai  *9mil Crucify  thank you 
    30/07/2010  1:02:20 PM  *9mil Crucify  Rohan Desai  sure :) 
    30/07/2010  1:02:29 PM  *9mil Crucify  Rohan Desai  hope i can make u my long term supplier :) 
    30/07/2010  1:02:37 PM  Rohan Desai  *9mil Crucify  ofcourse i will 
    3/08/2010  3:40:45 AM  *9mil Crucify  Rohan Desai  hey 
    3/08/2010  3:41:30 AM  Rohan Desai  *9mil Crucify  I am here to Inform All People on Behalf of Kuang that Due to death of His Mom He wont be able to process anything for 5-7 Days 
    3/08/2010  3:41:55 AM  *9mil Crucify  Rohan Desai  mate 
    3/08/2010  3:42:06 AM  *9mil Crucify  Rohan Desai  please don't lie to my face ok 
    3/08/2010  3:42:09 AM  *9mil Crucify  Rohan Desai  if u want the money 
    3/08/2010  3:42:10 AM  *9mil Crucify  Rohan Desai  have it 
    3/08/2010  3:42:12 AM  Rohan Desai  *9mil Crucify  You can Send Mail To His Mail [email protected] 
    3/08/2010  3:42:12 AM  *9mil Crucify  Rohan Desai  god 
    3/08/2010  3:42:29 AM  *9mil Crucify  Rohan Desai  just wanted to ask you why u did it 
    3/08/2010  3:43:02 AM  Rohan Desai  *9mil Crucify  What I did Man I am Just sending Message on Behalf of Kuang please talk to him 
    3/08/2010  3:43:18 AM  *9mil Crucify  Rohan Desai  and exactly how do I talk with "kuang"? 
    3/08/2010  3:43:36 AM  Rohan Desai  *9mil Crucify  He Will Come on Saturday 
    3/08/2010  3:44:30 AM  *9mil Crucify  Rohan Desai  anyways 
    3/08/2010  3:44:50 AM  *9mil Crucify  Rohan Desai  you could hav easily made $150-$200 each week from me thru myspace orders only 
    3/08/2010  3:44:56 AM  *9mil Crucify  Rohan Desai  guess you lost that priviledge 
    3/08/2010  3:45:16 AM  Rohan Desai  *9mil Crucify  Brother I dont Know anything Contact Kuang 
    3/08/2010  3:45:18 AM  Rohan Desai  *9mil Crucify  Thank you 

    Payment proof:

    His Yahoo and Paypal:
    Yahoo: [email protected]
    Paypal: [email protected]

    i'm not looking for advice or condolence from anyone by posting this. I know my mistake was to send the payment through as a personal payment but anyways the amount is negligible.

    just wanted to let you guys know before you transacted with him,he will probably contact you selling accounts for social networking sites. he's the filth of the internet, and probably comes from a really poor family, so if you're reading this mate, then i hope my $50 could feed your poor family for one day lol

    Enjoy BHW and stay safe :)
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