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    I have a problem that's driving me crazy. I have a site(EMD) in a niche with
    weak competition.(not seo optimized for my keyword and most of them have maximum 40 backlinks, nr.1 has 209 backlinks.

    No I have been backlinking like crazy but I don't go higher then position 24.(Have been nr18. for 2 days.)

    Some information about my site + seo:

    I have bought these fiverr gigs:
    - eminent backlink pyramid with 5000 high pr profiles,links are all from different domains and 90 percent are ********, pinged them by Nuclear Ping via 200+ proxies
    - submit your site or blog MANUALLY to 20 Social Bookmarking sites PR4 to PR8

    Further I have Scrapebox and blasted about 100 niche related blogs (sb doesn't work very good on my pc tough)

    I have made 10 web2.0 pages with unique content and did some blogcomments to them.

    My site is fully onpage optimized (keyword in head, H1,H2,H3, 600 words, keyworddensity about 4%, kw in bold, italic. The domain is about 1 month old.
    Maybe good to know(I don't know if this does matter): The site and ofcourse the keyword are Dutch. All the backlinks are English/others language. Anchor text of the links is my Dutch keyword tough.

    I'm not moving in SERPs, and what is also very frustrating:
    When I check my site with traffic travis or webmastertools or backlinkwatch . com, they all say I have only 1 backlink... But the backlinks are made weeks ago and they are pinged and I indexed them with! WTF?

    So after this long story to the point:
    1. Why don't get my backlinks indexed?
    2. Can you recommend services that actually helped you with serps? (I'm almost broke so I prefer fiverr;) haha.
    3. Do you see anything in my story that I'm doing wrong?
    4. When you buy backlink services, do your links index themselves or do you let them index with linklicious or something similar?
    5. Do you see your backlinks quick in webmastertools/TT/MS/backlinkwatch after they're made?

    Thank you. Please Help me!:)

    Wow long post, sorry for that but now you know the details;)
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    I find that a bookmarking blast can work well sometimes when you're stuck like this. Try to do a blast of at least 100 sites, there are some good bookmarking services on here that gave me some good results.
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    hi buddy.

    1. To get your back links indexed you have to do something,specially when talking about web 2.0 properties, profiles and stuff like that. After the recent google panda update, profiles don't have so much value, because they don't get indexed. I would suggest replace them with social bookmarks. Some guys sell them for a good price on BST.

    2. BST zone on BHW

    3. You are building profiles that does not work anymore.

    4. The only thing i've done to index back links it's to spam them with some auto approve comments. That's the fastest way to get them indexed.

    5. To check for back links, check yahoo site explorer.
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    buy yourself one linkpush from you will be at number one if competition is as you described.
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    What you did I do all that and a lot more in 1 blast.

    You need to do more. Use softwares, fiverr gigs will burn your cash quick also even if you get the top spots, you still need to build links to stay there.

    Do it yourself, you'll get better results, save cash and make money by doing SEO for other people.
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    buy social bookmark bomb from wicked fire. pay for the $5 description creation and lindexed option. Thank me in four days from order
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    new panda 2.5 likes fresh content-
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    You don't say how much content you have on your site or if it is updated regularly.
    I think this way....It's all very well backlinking, scrapeboxing, xrumerering (if that's a word?) social bookmarking, etc (I do all of the above as well) but if your money site doesn't satisfy Google for the keyword in question then you will find it difficult to rank highly.

    As an example, I am number 2/3 (depends on what day) for a finance related keyword that gets 31,000 searches a month (local UK searches). My site has 611 backlinks (good authority links inc a wikipedia link) 850 pages of content indexed and was launched in early 2007.

    The site at number 1 (only since the last Panda update - prior to that I was at number 1 from 2007 until recent 2011) has 143 backlinks, 31 pages indexed and was launched in late 2009.

    I have had a good look at that site and my findings are:
    As soon as you search for the keyword in G and get to this site, it hits you hard with what it is about. My site became too diversified with too many 'related' finance products on there. It also has its telephone numbers, address and W3C compliant stuff in a prominent place on the home page - you can't miss them.

    A minor point...I like the way the site is broken up into silos, very clear, easy to navigate and I hate to admit it, it is a much better layout than my blog style site.

    Final point...That site also has a bit of javascript in it which means that when you do a G search it returns results as normal but against that site it always shows the following before the entry..."site updated 12 hours ago".

    So apologies in advance for the long winded reply but the answer is that no one knows why one site ranks and another doesn't...All you can do is mitigate the odds in your favour as much as you can and the old adage of "it will increase its ranking position over time" is true. Generally speaking, a one month old domain is always going to struggle.
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    Time, add content and keep adding links. There's not magic bullet. A month old site takes sometime to acquire authority with Google even with weak competition.
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    Like flx89 said,

    After the latest Panda, Profiles are almost useless... Build some bookmarks, submit some quality-spun articles. Make a video or two. AMR, BMD and Scrapebox are your friends in this Post-Panda era... :3