Are you interested in a Autopilot Niche program?

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    Hello all, I have an idea for a program that I am going to create.

    The program will do the following:

    1. Uncover Hidden Keywords - Give a keyword to search out to every aspect. So if you give up "dog" It wil get all possible keywords that has to do with dog " like, dog training, buying, selling, pups, etc. At least over 20,000 fully researched keywords. It unhides possible niche
    2. Grouped Keywords - Keywords are grouped into niches so you can build authority sites, not just keyword landing pages
    3. Keyword Research - Simply log-in and pick a niche of already researched niched
    4. Know The Worth - Know the dollar value of each niche BEFORE you risk time and money
    5. Save Time - Quickly filter by expected earnings to build your personal portfolio of niches
    6. Rank Faster via Best Domains- Discover hundreds of new keyword domains every day

    Thus, you can research a keyword you want and get over 20.000 result of it. (best niches on top)
    Or just wait and sit back to see our bot search for the best niches, coming on the screen every second and select those and build a nice moneysite for it.

    You see in one glance:
    • The keyword
    • How many ads
    • Competition pagerank
    • Competition page value (intitle, inurl, etc)
    • CPC
    • Monthly exact searches
    • Monthly broad searches

    I like to hear:
    What you want to pay for it monthly, and if you like the idea.

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    Sounds interesting? Are you actually going to make the bot? Or have you done it already?
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    Long Tail Pro already does this quite well, as do other tools.

    LTP can create thousands of related keywords and auto sort them by CPC range, click volume etc as well as check the availability of exact match and phrase match domains.

    We use it a lot with Market Samurai.
  4. a700224

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    Apr 14, 2011
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    I have written a quick prototype to test the techical aspects. And if there is interest I create the program.

    It will be like Long Tail Pro, but then much better. Like thousands of complete researched keywords. You can just order by less competition and pick those best profitable niches.

    You know Nich eR eaper (at this time closed)? It will be that, but cheaper, and more options to dig in the keyword and the option to seed your own keywords. Like this:
    You give one keyword, like the word 'test'
    It wil gather much results (automatic):
    test averages
    test analyst
    test adobe flash
    test achats
    test analyst jobs
    test and calc
    test bt line
    test broadband speed bbc
    test cricket
    test cricket rankings
    test cricket score
    test connection speed
    test cricket records
    test cricket live
    test card
    test cricket averages
    test championship
    test cricket highlights
    .. thousands more..

    It wil show you directly for each keyword the calculated ROI and competition - directly as you see it, you wont have to check something, every keyword is fully researched, show the available domains everithing you need. You just sit back and simple order by best niche and pick those.

    What are you willing to pay for it, 25 dollar a month? It will be enough.
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    I wouldn't pay monthly for this, and not more than one-time 80 dollars (and that only if it's gonna be indeed AUTOpilot, without a loss on its quality).
    The market already has enough similar programs, and even if this is going to be superior, there is still a shitload of competition.