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    Hey there.

    I have been lurking on bhw for some weeks now and this is going to be my first post. I wanted to find out what has the learning curve for internet marketers here been like, especially when they just started.

    The reason I am asking this is because I constantly find myself at crossroads lately. For instance, I keep buying domains, making projects and constantly learn something new, and while I am making those projects, I realize I have invested so much time in the project at hand inefficiently.

    To illustrate, at the start I thought I would make a niche website with an all glamorous, graphic template, but that doesn't really work that well for seo optimized sites (as far as I know). Okay, so I opted for thesis. Next, I would have bots running posting low quality backlinks such as whois and whatnot, which I spent some time configuring. On the other hand, I would also have apps that would enable me to post profile links, rss feeds and whatnot.

    Then I come along a piece of advice, where it is said that one should always build quality backlinks(as I understand it, web 2.0, non-spammy social bookmarking etc). okay, well, I look at my stats and they're not so bad in my mind, 90 uniques in first 5 days and 8 people referred from google. Then I stop the automatic posting and I stop getting any traffic.(read: no organic traffic, so all of those 90 uniques were a product of I am not sure what, whois, webstats etc) .

    While some people say it usually takes a month to index a site and get organic traffic, now I am puzzled as to whether because of all the spammy link building I will get ANYTHING after a month or should I perhaps move to a new project?


    I have 2 questions for you, my friends: 1) what was your learning curve when you started(how much you learned, applied and how many times you restarted?) 2)how do you deal with the ambiguity in this particular sphere?(IM?) or do you just acquire intuitive knowledge of how things happen after you learn for a long enough period of time and it always works.

    I really need someone to send some knowledge my way.


    p.s. My apologies, if this has been posted in the wrong section. I did not feel like the other sections were suitable enough.