Are you also having trouble in verifying your google account ?


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Mar 28, 2020
hello BHW members,

I am having trouble getting verified for my google ad account. personal ID is verified but the business can't verify it. I have tried multiple times and got rejected every time, can anybody please help to this?
The business docs you submit, needs to match with all the campaigns that have ever ran in the Google Ads account. Example, if campaigns have run for watches and the business docs you submit pertain to a restaurant, then no matter how many attempts you make to verify, it will be rejected by Google. If you are a 3rd party (affiliate, etc) of a product or service for a campaign that has run in the Google Ads account, then also submit some doc(s) pertaining to you being authorized to sell that product or service. Nowadays, the business docs verification part, is done manually (by human beings) by Google Ads. Everything you submit must ideally match with the campaign (website included) that have ever ran in the Google Ads account, if not, then passing the business docs verification part will be a tricky affair or a mission (almost) impossible.
I could only tell you that you try not to use proxies or something.

When google blocks you for some reason, it's like having a lot of problems with you.

It happened to me once and it was terrible.
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