Are You a 10,000 LB Elephant Restrained By a Tiny Rope?

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    It's a well-known fact that elephants are some of the most powerful animals in the world. But amazingly enough they can be trained to believe that they can't break free from a single weak rope.


    Well, in captivity, from the time the African elephant is born it is tied up with a normal sized rope and the baby elephant tries and tries for months to break free but never does. Eventually the elephant begins to believe in the ABSOLUTE POWER of this rope.

    No matter how many thousands of pounds of behemoth muscle the young elephant gains, it has now concluded that fighting against the rope is a losing battle. It submits to the FACT THAT IT'S IMPOSSIBLE to break free from the flimsy rope.

    It's mind is controlled and conditioned to believe failure is the ultimate outcome if it bucks against the rope, when in all actuality all it would take is effort to test it out again and the rope would SNAP!

    I find this interesting and similar to the mindset of many SEOs when it comes to doing what it takes to break free from the fear of Google's ALL-knowing/ALL-mightiness.

    Have you been TRAINED to believe that Google knows what you are doing before you even do it? Are you afraid to continue persistently backlinking your sites with thousands and thousands and thousand of links, yes DIRECTLY to your site, because you KNOW you will fail if you do? Are you afraid to add your keyword to your title more than twice? Are you SURE that a "sandboxing" is a bad thing and that you MUST stop whatever got you there immediately and pray for Google to let your site live again? If so? Ask yourself this... WHY?

    Have you tested it out lately? Have you not GROWN in knowledge as an SEO?

    What if that 10,000 lb elephant decided to "test it out" again?

    Many times as young/new SEOs we made mistakes before we even knew the difference between simple things like Onpage & Offpage SEO, and didn't really know the true cause of our early failures, so we turned to others to tell us what we did wrong and NEVER do it again.

    Yup, people gave us the rope to hang ourselves with second(or 53rd)hand advice... "Google hates that..." , "I saw Matt Cutts say on youtube..." , "Those types of links throw up a red flag just screaming to Google to nail you..."

    And where'd they get these statutes and laws? From the provider of the rope themself, Google.

    That false info (the rope) is holding many of us back from success that is easily in our reach.

    This is why TESTING is so vitally important.

    Buy domains you don't care about and DO EVERYTHING you've been PROGRAMMED NOT TO DO. Test everything, don't believe in the ULTIMATE power of what restrains you at this moment. What is restraining you is your BELIEF system. Look....

    .info's cost a couple of bucks, test theories. Do you realize how many people believe that it's a foregone failure to try to rank a .me or .biz? It's complete fallacy. Not that I'm ungrateful to be able to take advantage of what others don't :)

    It's astonishing what people accept as fact without testing it and they never break free from SEO mediocrity, never break free from struggling to make a living in this business. Imagine this...

    After ONE single solitary test, that behemoth elephant would NEVER be able to be contained again by the rope. All from one test.

    Well Google has many elephant ropes that are only as powerful as you LET it be over you. Their greatest power is that you BELIEVE what you are told and never buck against that rope.

    TEST EVERYTHING. Snap the rope. Profit. The end.