Are large group boards less valuable now with the smart feed feature?

Discussion in 'Pinterest' started by alexa_s, Feb 23, 2017.

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    I've used pinterest in the past a lot, but kinda stopped using it for about a year and a half, as I still got traffic from a couple of pins with a few 100k repins.

    For the past week I've been at it again, posting new articles and pinning them. I am a member of three group boards with 100k followers, the same boards that got mi hundreds of K of repins in the past. My account has about 30k followers.

    I noticed that posting pins in my own boards does get them repins, but also posting them to the 3 group boards with 350k total followers doesn't increase the repin amount by much, which was unexpected.

    Also repins seem to "trickle" very slowly and begin hours after I post a pin. Before that wasn't the case, I posted something and immediately started getting tons of repins. I'm guessing this is the smart feed thing deciding to whom to show the pins to and spreading it out over time. Kinda like the facebook reach thing that everyone was mad about a year or so back.

    So, if the pins don't automatically get shown to all followers immediately on queue, how exactly are group boards helping now? Anyone got any insights on what the new strategy for getting a ton of repins is now? Thanks :)
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    it's been like that since over a year. Group boards are essentially useless. The best group boards will result in 20 repins over a time of 5 days. There are plenty of tools out there to check which boards are worth to join and which are just a waste of time.

    if you pick broad topics custom tailored to the pinning habits of your followers, you can still get decent amounts of repins. A new pin, without a lot of repins, typically will get zero to two pins when pining to even the largest group boards.
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