Are direct links the best?

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by Kasru, Jun 29, 2013.

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    Was thinking of buying some services from Fiverr but am unsure if I should use these services to link directly to my video or create other backlinks such as creating a website with videos embeded and then use my main website for these links? Trying to rank my youtube videos to front page. Not sure if these types of services would put any red flags on my vids, my channel isn't anything new and I create high quality vids, just need some safe boosting.

    Since I am unsure about posting direct links I'll just post the description of both services.

    I will blast an eminent backlink pyramid (EBP) consisting of 300 Site about PR 4+ among which there're varied from 10 to 20 edu / gov randomly in tier 1 and then 4700 profiles built to 300 high site PR links above-mentioned as tier 2. all from different domains about 90% ******** publicly viewable,good seo for youtube(not views,commets or direct traffic)new buyer if u have any question free to ask,not alexa rank,dont accept PORN,GAMBLING SITES!

    The other is a Senuke xCR which will backlinks from Web 2.0 articles, PDF Distribution Sites, Wiki Sites, Social Bookmark, Web 2.0 profiles & Forum profiles.
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    I like how they use that word "eminent" in every second Fiverr SEO gig...they're funny. I guess noobs fall for that word.