Are All Links With A Blog Treated Equal?


Mar 31, 2009
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Maybe this is a newbie question, but I gotta ask, does it matter where the link is on a page?

There's probably no definite true answer, but just a lot of speculation, but what are your thoughts?

If I'm grabbing backlinks from blogs, does it matter if it's in the content of the blog, the comment section, or the sidebar - are they treated the same?

Personally, I'm a SENuke member, and I stated adding blog comments to my backlink portfolio. To me, it take A LOT less time, money, and effort to generate links from comments, and sidebars (Top Commenters Widget), than it is to write an Article, Spin it, create my accounts, then post.

Also, when I do blog comments, some of the post will be already from established, with authority and ranked, and not to mention that the pages are already index, these are things you wont have right off the bat when creating your own blogs using a tool like SENuke.

If you want authority and ranked backlinks from SENuke, you'll have to build them yourself.

Also with just doing comments, those blogs may already have backlinks and authority, again something you would have to do on your own when you create your own blogs with SENuke.

In all honesty, I'm coming on my 3 month with SENuke and the price is rather steep... I just find it more cost effective to do comments than it would be to create article and blogs with SENuke.

Are backlinks from comments treated the same than with the backlink I create with SENuke, having the backlinks in the body of the content?

What are your thought?
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