apps-dev VS. seo/bh/webs VENTURE

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    Hi Guys,
    few months have passed since I registered and got addicted to reading BHW, but the more I read the less I know what should I stick to. I see so many opportunities in thnigs posted here that I lose my track and I am getting more and more ideas bombarding my head, so that I cannot focus on one particular thing. As I red here it's a common problem of newbies and it's often an obstacle to earn while trying IM.

    Recently I've came to the place I feel I should make a proper decision. I wonder what path should I choose and if you come to that point in my post, I would be more than happy if you leave your opinion in reply. What is better for a quick-learner kind of guy who wants to dedicate his time to a method: would it be better to play with mobile apps-developing (learning java, coding apps by myself, reskining apps also, marketing them) or the rout from making website's or some BH ppi for begining and then getting to SEO, authority sites making. An additional thing is that I already know web languages (eg. html, php, js and a few frameworks).

    I understand that it's not easy to answer question and there exists for sure completly different answers, which may lead to success, but as long as I find recommendation theard in Lounge, I feel you can help me.

    Thanks in advance for all your constructive replies.