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Approach Soccer Players

Discussion in 'Graphic Design' started by Slabs, Nov 19, 2018.

  1. HoKogan (FaB)

    HoKogan (FaB) Newbie

    Nov 14, 2019
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    I've done this but with local celebrities (Not actual world famous celebrities like yourself)

    There are two approaches to this:

    The expensive way: Look for meet and greet opportunities, sometimes celebrities do charities or meet at greets (for a charge) try checking locally for any events that will get you the opportunity to meet them

    The Inexpensive way: DM/Email them on a weekly basis. This will take the most effort, but can eventually pay off.

    Either way, both methods will involve you adding value and actually having work ready to go. When you actually have a shot to talk to them, have work that you've already done and be able to show them. There's a difference between show and tell, and the former is a lot more powerful way to get someone to say yes. I would also lean towards being able to do this for free in exchange for shoutouts. Some footballers don't even make that much money unless you're the star (from my understanding) so try thinking about the bigger picture and think about brand recognition instead.

    Finally, also consider reaching out to FORMER and RETIRED footballers. For example, I reached out to some boxing stars and Olympians to try to get personal boxing lessons. None f them replied. HOWEVER, the first DM to a retired golden gloves Middleweight champion David Diaz got a response. He still had a good fan base but and knowledgeable about his work, but the fact that he was retired gave him a better opportunity to ACTUALLY reach out to his loyal fan base. So consider that, and start thinking outside the box.

    Good luck!