Appointment Setter - Get Paid Daily

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    Appointment Setter - Get Paid Daily

    Work from home contacting local business owners and managers ... we will provide you with a list of the names to call and their telephone numbers ...

    There is absolutely NOTHING to sell ... if you like chatting with people this job is fun ... it's easy and IF you're self motivated it pays very well !!

    To spread the word about our new company, we're giving away an exciting FREE gift worth $197 (and of course, there is no obligation or future cost) ...
    you need only schedule a convenient time for us to shake hands with the business owner (or manager) and present them with their valuable free gift ...

    Most appointments will be scheduled for the next business day (or two business days at the latest) ... every evening we will pay you by PayPal for all valid appointments ...
    (a valid appointment simply means that the business owner or manager knew that we were coming and they were on hand to meet us) ...

    You will be paid $20 for every valid appointment that you schedule ... and in some cases, you will receive an additional $50 bonus for scheduling a valid appointment ...

    Hours: 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday (40 hours/week) ... we will consider 1/2 positions for the right person

    You must be friendly, confident, dependable and hard working ... additionally, you must have a quiet place to work

    Start TODAY ... GET PAID tomorrow evening ... Reply now for immediate consideration ...


    Appointment Setter Job Requirements & MINIMUM Goals

    1. Must speak English CLEARLY ?and- FLUENTLY
    (a soft accent is okay / NO harsh accents)

    2. Work days Monday through Friday

    3. 8 hours per day full-time ?or- 4 hours per day half time

    4. Working hours 8:00am to 12:00pm -and- 1:00pm to 5:00pm ... You MUST work according to our time zone: Pacific Daylight Time (GMT -8)

    5. Begin and End work promptly (this is critical)

    6. Make 30 dials per hour (240 per day full-time / 120 per day half time)

    7. Talk to 10 contacts per hour (80 per day full?time / 40 per day half time)

    8. Set 2 appointments per day (1 appointment per day half-time) ... With experience this should easily double to 4 appointments per day

    9. Reports to be submitted daily (# of dials, # of contacts, # of appointments)
    (Information regarding appointments to be submitted on an Excel spreadsheet)
    (Make notes on the ?Call List Spreadsheet? regarding the results of each call)

    10. We will provide a Skype account from which you will make telephone calls.
    You need to know how to use Skype to place International phone calls and you must also have a good quality USB headset with a microphone

    11. Three day TRIAL period

    Skills Required:
    Telemarketing, Customer Service, Sales

    Preferred Qualifications:
    English Level: 5 out of 5
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    I'd like to give this a shot. Plenty of sales experience. Give me a shout!
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    General know nothing
    okay so what would we be selling or making appointments for
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    I wanna take a shot . I m very much confident about this work .
    Please make chance for me . I m ready to serve you and your company too .
    thanks .
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    We are well experienced in appointment setting give me a chance to prove our quality and send me the details of the process and we can start immediately. Looking for your kind reply

    Shri Shana
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    THREE days trial? my gosh u earn there already in 1 day in one agent only, coz this is a very easy work i ever had.....
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    Just sayin', you should read the requirements before responding. Drives me nuts when people reply to my ads and clearly didn't bother to read them. :squint:
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