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Apr 17, 2010
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hello, i have used one of the xrumer services here and the report comes out like this:

1 froum dot com/viewtopic.php
2 forum dot com/viewtopic.php
3 forum dot com/viewtopic.php
4 forum dot com/viewtopic.php
5 forum dot com/viewtopic.php


Obviously this is so i can see how many backlinks have been created. My problem is i want to get these links on scrapebox fast indexer but i cant because of the number sequence at the beggining of each line. My question is there any program that would remove these numbers?


write a macro to delete the first 2 character of every line, and will do it very quick.
ill second notepad++ that's the best editor ever
thanks but i cant get the bloody macros to do this grrrr
notepad ++:

macro-> record macro->
1/manually put the mouse to the first line and delete the number sequence, step one line down, press HOME buttom

macro-> stop recording
macro-> CTRL+SHFT P ( plays ones your macro for test -PLAYBACK)
macro-> run macro multiplied times-> run current macro till end of the file.

u can also just import it into excel using the empty space as a delimiter, then delete the first column, and save it as text again
also check out my text utilities. i posted that program here a week ago =)
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