Application for Amazon Associates UK - EU rejected

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by lelou00, Apr 11, 2015.

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    Isla Paloma
    Hi, I'm wondering what's the reason why my application got denied... The site that I'm having is pretty OK, getting about 5k/m unique visit.. (but the site 'maybe' thin. Just about 12 pages.. but I've got approved by Associates US with just a single page website..)

    I'm using Amazon Associates US currently but when I analyzed the demographic of my visitors, about 30% are from EU (mostly UK). So, it's like leaving the money on the table..

    But I've twice applied for the associates account (with 2 different website) but both got rejected without them giving a specific reason.

    Does location of an affiliator matters? Should you put your address near EU to get approved?

    Any of you have solid tips to get your application approved?

    How about using social media platform (like Fb page or Twitter) for the application?

    Hope someone can help. Cheers
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    If your site is a good products-related site (e.g., aged site, review site, affiliate marketing site, etc.), then see if you also have those important pages on your site (Contact Us, About Us, Terms & Conditions, etc.). May be you should add more pages to your site.

    Remember what you've mentioned in your application against the site description? Create a site that corresponds to those product category/categories that you've shown interest in, especially the Amazon's product category. Your site shouldn't have the type of content that Amazon ToS will frown upon. Having plenty of real traffic to your site is important to them. Have plenty of product reviews, and make sure that the products are Amazon's. :) The rest of your application will give them a reason to approve or disapprove it. They actually will check your site and then they will decide. Remember that they don't have to approve each and every application that they get so be very careful, as being an Amazon affiliate will be a longterm good decision for you.
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