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App Development Money and Time expenses

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by keenmobi, May 16, 2017.

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    Mar 24, 2017
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    In this thread I would like to clarify what is the cost for developing an application. Here I will calculated approximate digits of budget you need to order an Application.

    Time Frame for Developing

    The first thing the cost and development consist of is the complexity of the application.

    Second thing - the number of platforms (iPhone iOS, iPad iOS, Android phone, Android tablet, Windows Phone), on which it will work.

    By the way, the application on the Android base takes 20-30% longer and one third more expensive than on iOS base, because it’s needed to be tested on more devices.

    As a result, there are more bugs and you have to make more edits.

    Concerning to hours, the difference in spent time starts from 20 days for simple application and ends more then 100 days for complicated application.

    I can divide applications into complexity levels:

    • Simple (made by templates, without databases, 70-140 hours for Apple devices);

    • Supporting an integration with databases (use backend-platforms like Scorocode, 140-210 hours for iOS);

    • For enterprises (integrates with business processes, uses both databases and device memory, from 210 hours for iOS);

    • game (single and multiplayer, from 420 hours for iOS).


    To save money is easy: the price of the product is made up of standard components, some of which can be eliminated or replaced with cheaper analogs.

    Rent for Space

    If you work with a specialized studio, immediately take into your account the cost office rent and utility payments.


    This can be done by a team of three specialists (UX-designer, UI-designer and graphic designer), and one master of all trades. In the first version, the quality is higher (price too), but usually the studios use the second one. It takes on average of 80 hours for the design (when the development takes 500 hours) and 160 (for development at 900 hours). Concerning the average salary of an appropriate designer at $ 1,000 per month and an average working hours per month of 165 (on a production calendar): it will take $ 1650 for a simple application (about 270 hours for creation), $ 4000 for an average (about 670 hours), 6700 for a complex (about 1 150).

    You can save on design by working with freelancers


    It is divided into backend and frontend, but mobile programmers specializing in a certain platform are engaged in both.

    Based on the developer's average salary of $ 1200 per month), you get the cost of developing a simple application around $ 1950, the average $ 4,800, and the complex $ 8300 (we take the same number of hours for creation as above).

    Using the services of freelancers, you can save money if you look for them on Russian-language sites (preferably developers from the province) or find a good inexpensive specialist on the recommendation.

    There is an option to simplify both parts of the development by creating applications by template. For this you will pay only 200$ per year, but the quality of such products is usually very far from the modern understanding of beauty. Further than the quality of site templates and email-lists, for example.

    The second option is to simplify only the programming of the server part, using backend-development platforms. This is effective because the share of backend jobs (including core) in application programming is about 80% - the front takes only a fifth of the time. You get a ready-made SDK that includes data modeling, PUSH, email and SMS notifications, cloud storage, JavaScript server code, analytical tools and user management.

    Testing and Publishing

    This is up to the project manager or special software testers, but they have roughly the same salaries - about $ 1000 on average. In practice, testing and repositioning takes about 2 days to 2 weeks of continuous work, that is, from 16 to 80 hours. For a simple application, this will cost $ 100, for a complex in the region of $ 500.

    By the way, publishing the application in the store is pretty time and money consuming task. The App Store and Google Play's product guides contain quite a few reasons why your product may be rejected, for example, by an age rating. In addition, each iteration of the scan takes quite a long time - about a week (but there are ways to speed up the process), which adds problems to those who have deadlines on their calculations for something.

    If we talk about the final figures of time and money, which we have to spend: from $ 100,000 to millions. The minimum period of development for them is 1.5 months (without taking into account the time for approvals and publication in the stands).

    So be ready for this money spends and understand that it takes pretty time frame.

    Good luck to your business!
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