API's - how do they work?

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    On a website such as LogicBuy which pulls (aggregates?) tech offers (electronics, computers, exc) I imagine LogicBuy is signed up as an affiliate at most (if not all) of the websites listed on their site (Dell, Amazon, Walmart, exc) and then there is some sort of integration of the API for each of these websites (or with the service/company that runs their affiliate program - ie. Commission Junction).

    1. If I'm correct in assuming this is how this works are there parameters that can be set such as price so only certain deals are pulled back to the website?

    For example - if Dell has laptop that is regularly $1,500 but is on sale for $900 you'd probably want that pulled back to the website BUT if that $1,500 laptop is only on sale for $1,450 you may not want it pulled back to your website.

    2. Also are images related to the product for sale (example - Dell Laptop) pulled back through API integration process and automatically displayed on the website?

    3. Sale prices are typically only good for set period of time or until the stock runs out. Can this be programmed in such a way that a deal would be removed from the website once the sale ends or stock runs out?

    Hopefully what I've said makes sense and someone can offer some insight.

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    1. Yes

    2. It depends on the TOS and API usage terms but normally yes, if the images are obtained via legal means(the API) then you can present them for the purpose of selling the product.

    3. Yes. In some programs like Amazon you *have* to delete offers after 24 or 48 hours precisely so you don't have various prices floating around as Amazon affiliates.
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