Apekillape proxy method vs hidemyass

Discussion in 'Proxies' started by jonvital, Jan 26, 2012.

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    Im new to implementing the use of proxies and i read apekillape's posts which i guess are the standard ways to setting up proxies. As i did a little more research i found i could also use browser add ons(for firefox) like quickproxy or hidemyass. i want to know which gives you the most anonymity, because i think hidemyass shows there name as a referrer and it looks like I'm blatantly trying to hide my ass in a sense.
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    Depends on what your trying to do

    If your [email protected] . . . don't do it from home EVER!
    If your worried about leaving a footprint on line and want decent security use a paid VPN
    If your using proxies. . . like most people are . . to make money using multiple account, scraping SERPs, posting comments, etc. then it comes down to 2 things: 'speed' and 'reliability'. use of any 'elite' or 'highly anon' proxy will do, regardless of how or where you get it.
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