Anyone with REAL pbn got hit?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by lietuvis002, Oct 20, 2014.

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    Not sure why this is not discussed yet, i believe this very important quoestion to answer.

    OK. First about my Ebola experience.

    I lost about 15% organic traffic across all my websites (not a big deal, i will make up to it before 2015).

    4 or 4 websites that are powered by mine real pbn links ONLY ( not gonna talk about how REAL and SAFE pbn looks like (real looking websites, with some traffic, with tons of posts (not every include frikin link etc etc)) did not get hit at all.

    few websites with web20, pdf, youtube, guests posts (links that being considered quite safe overall) got a dive and lost about search 50% traffic.

    i don't do much spam and rank shit so i don't have any conclusions on that.

    So question is. Anyone got hit using own private PBN links only? I really don't care about pbn links you buy here. It is not private nor safe.
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    I have my own PBN sites, and i have dropped in the rankings, but only 3 - 8 places on most keywords. But maybe that is my own fault anyway as i have not built any additional links to them lately (once i see the magic of the PBN links and get ranked #1, i get lazy lol!).

    So once i get add some more articles and links, i think i will be back #1 in no time.
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    Sep 20, 2012
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    I haven't heard of any PBNs that got hit either. Some people who got hit say they have PBNs but don't really know the difference between a PBN and a tier 1.

    Reals PBNs are the safest strategy ever unless you are leaving footprints between them.
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    Yes, Google can't determine a good PBN. All other tier 1 where lots of SEO guys have acces to are going to get downgraded form now on. Google is getting better and better in determine which domains are use for SEO tactics and which aint by the footprints the people leave (mainly spam via tier 2, 3 etc or disavowed links).

    My advice is using quality sites where seo guys don't have acces too, doesn't matter if it is PBN or something else.
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    Sounds like even using fully private PBNs isn't protection. Which makes me believe that either people don't know how to hide footprints, or this isn't just about link sources.