Anyone using iMacro scripting edition?

Discussion in 'General Scripting Chat' started by biks, Apr 6, 2010.

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    I got my cracked version from before I go bitching to iOpus, I wanted to check here. :)

    How come I can't arrange the macros in the left column within folders? (I can do that within Firefox iMacros) If I move stuff around in a folder in the directory, they all appear as one long list within iMacro scripting ed. I gotta pull them all the way out of directory so they don't show up.

    How come I can't rename a macro by right clicking within iMacros scripting ed.? (I can do that with Firefox iMacros) Do I have to manually get out of iMacro and do it within the directory itself? (as works - kind of annoying)

    I've created a .bat file that works and looks likes this:

    "C:\Program Files\iMacros\imacros.exe" -macro GoToYahoo
    "C:\Program Files\iMacros\imacros.exe" -macro GoToGoogle

    It works if I only use the full path as above. IOpus is saying this should work:

    imacros -macro GoToYahoo
    imacros -macro GoToGoogle

    I've changed the registry so imacros launches from the run menu and/or the command prompt. When I run the above .bat file, I see the command window pop up for a flash, but nothing launches.

    Any of this have to do with the hacked aspect of my app?
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    It's definitely different than the FF addon that's for sure, but the Scripting Edition's power comes from it's efficiency, versatility and speed. The FF addon can in no way even be compared with it imo.

    The FF addon is just a crippled version of the scripting editon, do your self a favor and take the time to get familiar with the SE if you already have it, I think you'll agree if you take the time to get used to it, that the shitty FF addon sucks compared to the SE!