Anyone using comodo know how to limit the annoying auto sanddboxing 'feature'

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    Dec 19, 2014
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    I started using ffmpeg and i was wondering why the hell non of my files would show in the same directory i wrote the path.

    At first I thought it was user error on my part since im new to ffmpeg but when i searched both my drives the files were showing up in 'vtroot' which when i did a search it comes as comodos sandboxing path.

    I had another program the other day which i didnt know why my profiles suddenly dissappeared and lo and behold the damn profiles were dumped in there too.

    I tried adding exceptions in comodos auto sandboxing thing and it didnt do shit.

    When i disable autosandboxing the files for ffmeg go to the correct folder.

    So anyone know how to properly exclude prgrams? because i tried putting both the ffmpged folder and the exe in the whitelist and still didnt work.