Anyone tried 'DoFellow' High PR blog finder?

Discussion in 'Link Building' started by coolnamebob, Nov 25, 2010.

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    Anyone tried this 'dofellow'
    software which can supposedly find high PR blogs with do follow status in whatever theme the keyword you input is in?

    worth getting anyone?

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    Through scrapebox you can do this. You need to add a addon in scrapebox backlink checker & blog analyzer.

    Here is the process. [this is i have read from a pdf file posted in a other forum]

    a. go to the website below and analyze your keyword
    enter local google or global (google) enter your keyword enter your domain (or any domain) hit "SERP" scroll down to the last result and hit "see more" now you have all your 200 competitors

    b. go to notepad ++
    Copy/paste the list into Notepad++ and select all text.
    Use menu -> TextFX -> TextFX Tools -> Delete Line Numbers or First Word.
    (This removes the numbers).
    Repeat to get rid of the colon.

    c. open the scrapbox addon "backlink checker"

    d. load all your competitors urls

    e. hit start

    f. after the process is finished click download all to save the file containing your backlinks

    g. import them into scrabox blog analyzer and load your list

    h. after process is finished filter bad blogs and captcha (optional for captcha blogs if you don't have a decaptcha account)

    i. save the list to scrapbox

    Maximum blogs are autoapprove do follow blogs
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