Anyone running a website from the Balkans?

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    Dec 7, 2015
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    So I actually manage a few websites for my company and do advertisement for them... After a year of this I've noticed a lot of stuff which is prompting me to start my own online business here:

    1) Ads over here are dirt cheap, and I mean it, $2 on facebook for 4000+ unique views, highly targeted traffic... 60% of the population uses facebook.

    2) 99.9% of things that work for the US market work here as well. The past 20 years anything on TV is straight from the USA, shows, movies, people have been raised on this stuff, they love US celebrities, you can copy/paste foreign content and translate it and it'd be a hit.

    3) Competition is non-existent most of the time, nobody is even bothering to make a website but there is an obvious market, people are spending money online, using the internet, there are thousands of facebook groups for simple things that a good website would make so much easier... But there is no alternative for these people and they turn to facebook groups for anything that isn't cars/real estate/news.

    People here make nothing but they are still consumers. I'm sure that with a good enough product/service I could turn around some money, $2 for 5k potential customers is a good deal even in a junk country - to make a comparison newspaper ads do the same thing as facebook but cost 200 times as much here, and don't bring in targeted traffic. And companies pay for them, and they make money from them! The internet is just as popular as the local papers here, if not more.

    I'm seriously thinking of getting into it, a lot of areas and niches are open to explore, but before I start investing my time and money, I need some tips from someone who has tried this before in Serbia/Croatia/Montenegro/Bosnia or nearby.

    If you run a website here, how many hits does your website get, how much money do you make on average and what do you do? Affiliate? Adsense? I know from experience that adsense pays nothing, 0.01$ per click but perhaps there are better alternatives?

    Is it worth pursuing this market or should I just go for developed countries instead?