Anyone run RON on Zeropark?

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    Im testing out a utility download offer (browser/video update) on Zeropark, and Im a bit lost as to how RON traffic works here. Ive already burned through over $400 and that was within half hour. Before I continue, I just need to clarify few things..

    My payout : $2.10 per completed install
    RON Traffic: Ive tested .001 up to .03
    Tracking using Voluum (good for testing which browser converts, etc)

    So Im showing 11 conversions total, and spent over $400. Obviously RON traffic volume is HUGE so I had to keep an eye on the traffic. I watched as each target spent close to my payout amount of $2.00 , and paused any nonconverting targets (am I doing this right??).

    After barely scratching the surface, Im really sitting here scratching my head wondering 1 thing at the moment -----> Am I supposed to go through ALL the targets and kill them individually in this fashion? This could cost me a fortune along the way but if I can optimize effectively , I'll do it since it will pay for itself in the longrun.

    One thing to note, I dont know much about installers.. but I do know that this one converts once a visitor accepts a few bundled softwares along the way, and Im seeing most others are paying around .50 up to 1.50 so I think Im in good shape with the 2.10 payout... not to mention I can customize my landing page.

    So, if I see a target has converted, do I set a "custom bid" for it, or just let it ride out with whatever my "average bid" is for the entire campaign? This "average bid" scenario is a bit confusing when it comes to setting up the custom bid... if a target shows 1000 visitors available in inventory, and I am highest bidder.. will I get ALL that traffic?

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    Yes, you can use custom bids to ensure that you get more of the traffic from a particular domain. At a certain bid you will receive all the traffic from the domain. This is the most likely way to optimize a domain redirect campaign.

    Alternatively, you could focus on improving conversions in general while keeping bids low and custom bidding lower for domains receiving high amounts of traffic but no conversions. Trying some kind of pre-sell lander makes sense. For example: a popup saying "you need to fix your windows" or "you have been chosen for a special beta" or something. Get them interacting with your content by force and it may tick conversions up. Lower bids and increased conversions might make it profitable.

    One thing I like about Zeropark is that the bids can go really low. Like 0.0001 low theoretically. Try less expensive countries if they pay out.
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    Are you using US Traffic?

    The min bid is 0.0002.
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    could you show me your campaign ? so that i would what NOT to do :45:
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    RON is a beast :)

    Yes... thats pretty much what you do - you cast the net wide, then you optimize.

    Its best to push higher paying offers via list building. I.e build a damn list then promote your weightloss/muscle/skin products that pay $50 per trial.

    Sign up StackThatMoney or Affiliate playbook. They are paid forums that teach you about PPC/PPV/Mobile traffic etc.
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    Really interesting... I can help you...
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    I found that zeropark works best with keyword campaigns for me. I can bid for keywords, track them, find the best performing keywords and weed out the non performers. If you want performing traffic, you need targeted traffic. RON is everything but targeted. So concentrate on yor keywors!

    Also make sure you use some kind of autobidding system that allows you to set bidding limits for your campaigns and that automatically checks your campaign bids and adapts them for you. That gives you the most traffic because you are always in top position. But it also gives you the cheapes possible clicks because you instantly lower your bid when your closest competitor drops out and you can get top position by bidding much less. The best zeropark autobidder I have seen is on [hmm can't submit an URL... google it!]. I use it and I get huge ROIs.

    Have fun!