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Anyone offer this service ?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by lamande, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. lamande

    lamande Junior Member

    Jan 5, 2009
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    We need 120 valid links.
    Links should come from 12 different types of platforms (web directory,web2, social bookmark).
    For each platform, it will give me the url of valid link.

    Quality Web Directories with pr >=4
    Web 2.0 sites articles with pr >=4
    Forum posts with pr >=4
    Blog Comments with pr >=4
    RSS Feeds
    Video Submissions with pr >4
    Photo Sharing with pr >4
    Document Sharing with pr >4
    Social Bookmarks with pr >4
    Article Directories with pr >=4
    Social Media with pr >=4
    Q&A Sites

    ? White Hat SEO, Ethical SEO Techniques is required.
    ? No BLACK HAT and other unethical SEO Spam techniques. Only white hat methods
    and ethical work will be accepted.
    ? Back-link pages must relate to our site topic
    ? Link pages and our links must be visible, readable, indexable and do-follow.
    ? Links must be permanent, static html links
    ? One way links only, no reciprocal links
    ? No robots.txt blocking. No links from rel="nofollow" or "noindex" tag for pages themselves and for anchor text.
    ? No java links, jump scripts, framed pages, redirects, cloaking, CSS redirects, 301 redirects, dynamic links, flash sites/pages, hidden links, no string parameters
    ? No link farms, link exchange programs, and web rings
    ? No paid traffic sites
    ? No banned sites, porn, gambling, violent, illegal sites, etc.
    ? Links that are not approved must be replaced by service provider.
    ? Manual link building is required.

    It's for french site.
  2. vaservices

    vaservices Regular Member

    Apr 10, 2013
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    Are you sure anyone here can provide all your rules? You should give lists.