Anyone notice...


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Feb 25, 2011
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That a lot of content from here especially guides get re-posted on blogs
I see a lot of posts on blogs after the guides are already posted on here
i found one of my tips i posted here on a blog but some modification was done however when i used another forum a few years back(it was a cell phone niche) a MNS about lg phones just c+p'd a guide i posted without any consent neither of these credit where they get their information

i'm not sure what this falls under,maybe plagiarism
If they're copyin ya, you must be doin somethin right.
I'm not sure how all of this copyright stuff works but I'm pretty sure I can sue them if they take a post of mine and put it on their site. I'd never go through with it of course cause I'd settle for $5000 and an apology :)
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