Anyone know how to solve recapachas on Facebook without browser?

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by molts, Oct 20, 2010.

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    If you know the ways around recaptcha, i.e. how the whole API deal works, and can programmatically solve captchas without needing fully capable browser, then I'll pay you $$$ to teach me how. Basically need to be able to solve those from a Perl/PHP script.

    I know to use captcha solving services, thats not an issue. The issue is recaptcha being very complex, and Facebook being very obscure on how it loads it.
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    I'd appreciate a little bit of clarification if you don't mind taking a second.

    Are you asking for a method of breaking recaptcha on facebook outside of using a service?

    Or are you looking for a little more insight into the intricacies of how to access recaptcha in the fb DOM/source to be able to use a captcha service?

    If it's the prior than those just aren't really things anyone knowledgeable would be willing to share, honestly at any price.

    However if it's the latter than I would be surprised if a little bit of research between here and google wouldn't land you the answer.

    A nudge:
    Recaptcha uses a unique ID for each site, when calling the recaptcha code the request is made using that site's ID. This call returns a few peices of info including:
    the returned site key
    any error messages
    timeout of the image
    a few other things....
    and what you're looking for :

    This "Challenge" code is the code generated that the page will use to request the recaptcha image from their server.

    If you're working in a scripting or coding language that's not allowing you acceess to the DOM and directly to the recaptcha code then there's a kludge way around.

    Find the static recaptcha api calls and read through the fields and responses. This will be both the initial api call for the challenge id and then the image url call using said id. Then simple script/code your project to check for obvious signs of recaptcha being used on the current page, if found, use a hardcoded function to generate a new session challenge and in turn the image url to send to a captcha service.

    I'm hoping anyone interested in this answer took the time to read through the above. This is a simple question/solution that a couple hours in Firefox using FireBug should be able to solve.

    I apologize for the urls below, at the current time I'm not allowed to post links, I'm sure a mod will happily swap them out later. Thanks.
      recaptcha api url: 
         <google_recaptcha_url>/recaptcha/api/challenge?k=<site id>
         example: actual recaptcha site:
     recaptcha img url:
         <google_recaptcha_url>/recaptcha/api/image?c=<challenge id>
        <challenge id>: generated from calling the above api url with site code.

    There ya have it.
    I know this was long guys, thanks for reading.