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    May 24, 2012
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    I have one eb/pp account that i no longer need. This account is in excellent shape. It has a 40 item limit and a $2000 spending limit. It is CC/Bank/Phone verified. Has 100% positive feedback. And most importantly has NO PP HOLDS. It has never been hit with any restrictions or any violations. It is ready for use.

    Now, your probably looking at my posts and seeing this is my 1st post and thinking i am here to scam and run. In reality i am not, if the price is right i will give you legitimate proof that you can trust me. Feel free to PM me your offers. Accounts like these aren't usually for sale. This one is you can say a small gold mine for an experienced seller. If you would like, you can mention where your from. If your close, we might be able to do the deal in person. No low balling please... Note that an account like this isn't worth chump change.