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Anyone In The "Vending" Business?

Discussion in 'Offline Marketing' started by MoreMoneyMoreProblem, Mar 8, 2010.

  1. MoreMoneyMoreProblem

    MoreMoneyMoreProblem BANNED BANNED

    Mar 30, 2009
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    Earlier I was looking in the business section of CL and came across a couple people selling candy dispensing vending machines. Usually when I come across things like this I don't pay much attention but for some reason this one got my attention and now I want to figure out if there is money within the vending business on a small scale.
  2. maildigger

    maildigger Power Member

    Jan 30, 2009
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    sure ... buy/ rent a machine, find a place to put it, fill it up, cash the money. However I prefer vending machines with coke & beer.
  3. three3s

    three3s Regular Member

    Feb 17, 2009
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    I know a guy who runs a vending machine company in Scotland and he makes a reasonable living out of it running the business on his own. You need to be operating a lot of vending machines to make really good money though, the margins per machine are pretty small. Suppose, as with everything, it's all about scaling.
  4. stingow

    stingow Registered Member

    Nov 20, 2008
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    I think I may have sold my machines to the guy in Scotland!
    I got into the sweet or candy vending business about 10 years ago. I sold my flat down in London for a massive profit and thought that vending would make me some easy cash.
    I got involved with a company that supplyed the machines and set them up for you in shops, malls etc. All I had to do was collect the cash and refill the machines.
    I did make some money but looking back I would not have used the company to get started in vending. It cost me a lot of money to get set up and some of the places that my machines were sited were not very profitable.
    When I told the company that the takings from these machines was not as good as they told me it should be they just fobbed me of with " just wait a few months and see"
    I since found out that the price that the company charged me for my machines was a lot more than what I could have bought them for by myself. I didn't have the internet back then so it was hard to find out the prices of vending machines.
    I also had to pay the company a fixed charge of about £8.00 for each machine per month for management fees!!
    Also the sites got 30% of the takings for each machine. Most of the sweets and candy I bought from the company as well for about 25% of cost.
    Some of the sites the company gave me were crap and it was very difficult to make a profit from these sites due to the overheads. I did have 6 machines set up in a bowling alley and these were very profitable at the time and easily paid for themselfs and got into profit quickly. But some of my other machines on other sites were not so good.
    But you could "skim" a lot of cash out of the machines if you were careful. I.E. When cashing up at the end of the month put a lot of the cash into your own pockets before cashing up if you know what I mean!
    I sold the machines a few years ago as I moved from the area and could not be bothered with all the traveling to and fro. If a mechanism jammed on one of the machines I had to go fix it the same day and the cost of me getting back to the machines once I moved and the time it took just was not worth it.
    I suppose the moral is that there is good money to be made from candy vending but go it alone and dont go through some so called vending company. Buy your own machines cheaply and go around shops and malls etc and ask if they would like some extra cash with no work on their behalf. Most shops would say yes to this if they have the space. Give them 20% profit and no more. You can get your sweet or candy supplys at 25% of cost quite easily as there are loads of suppliers on line now.
    Also site the machines close to your home as possible to keep traveling costs down.
    Also depending where you live you might find that some of your machines get vandalised regulally. And this might not be from kids but other bad ass vending operators not liking you on their patch!! This is true!!
    Would I get back into it? No. But I am glad I did it at the time and I did make some good cash. But looking back I would have gone it alone.
    Hindsite is a great thing!
  5. fl1guy2

    fl1guy2 Junior Member

    Apr 4, 2009
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    I know a guy that bought a bunch of machines to give his wife something to do. Lol and heck, that was one wise man cause it kept her busy for a better part of the week! But she made a good bit of money off it still does. But like stingow said, if you can get the machines and candy cheap by yourself it's well worth it. Finding highly profitable locations is pretty easy actually and getting business owners to allow you to put up your machines is easy too. You just gotta make it worth the owners while and he'll let you use the space without a problem

    So in the end, do it for yourself and don't let some overpriced bs vending company take advantage of you!
  6. highrider778

    highrider778 Regular Member

    Feb 16, 2009
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    I ran a small time vending business for about 2 years...I only had 5 double headed machines....the best place I had landed was a trucking company with about 80+ employees....I would make anywhere from $60-$150 every couple of weeks.

    I did have an experience with a vending machine location service..they'll place your machine for you, but they find really terrible locations.....if I had to get back into it..I would try craigslist to find locations with business owners. It's not a bad deal...buy ur candy from sams club or costco and never fill up the machine all the way is the best tip I can give you, make it look like people are actually using it...ya know?

    I had read one guy that had put an upside down Styrofoam cup and some googly eyes on his machine and his profit jumped by 50% although I never tried it...I would, I still got the machines.....the truck plant I had them in went down....and the other locations weren't worth it....in the long run though, it can make you some pretty good coin for not really doing much....and you can write off your candy and gas mileage off at the end of the year.
  7. Nookie Monster

    Nookie Monster Senior Member

    Mar 28, 2010
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    I did this for about 5 years with some fairly good success. Problem was it got to big for part time but not big enough to go full time. My favorite tactic was gorilla locating. Just find a large building with ALOT of people. Then just place the machine. Everyone will think someone else approved the placement and no asks you any questions. :)
  8. lclynnch185

    lclynnch185 BANNED BANNED

    Dec 1, 2009
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    wow..that' great tactic. lol.
  9. Migladon

    Migladon Regular Member

    May 16, 2009
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    My uncle actually invested 10,000 into gumball machines.

    Lets just say that he had a huge yard sale with gumball machines for 50$ a pop lol.