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Anyone here in music?

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by ilikethecheesecakes, Feb 1, 2017.

  1. ilikethecheesecakes

    ilikethecheesecakes Regular Member

    Sep 16, 2015
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    I have 2 channels,

    One is a music promo channel (super saturated)

    Another is my personal music channel where I upload originals and remixes

    I get less than 100 views each video

    I've tried Reddit but Reddit hates self promo. I've tried Facebook groups but the only videos that get watched are the ones uploaded directly to Facebook.

    I even tried the yt2fb thing where it makes the YouTube video look like a Facebook video but that doesn't work

    Any advice on how I should go on from here?
  2. cheifyc

    cheifyc Newbie

    Oct 18, 2014
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    what kind of music? You could try contacting semi popular youtube vloggers and channels and ask them if they need original music to use in their videos and send them your songs, and just tell them that you give them permission to use your music in their videos as long as they give credit with a link to your site in the video description. Here is an example of a channel I would possibly try and contact. I would say try channels that have inbetween 15,000 and 100,000 subs.
  3. FunkyBlues

    FunkyBlues Junior Member

    Nov 11, 2016
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    How would Reddit know it's self promo? Post something like "My SO isn't getting much views on YouTube. He's super talented. Let's give him some love!" Then use multilogin to upvote it from different reddit accounts.
  4. laylon23

    laylon23 Registered Member

    Oct 1, 2016
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    What kind of music do you upload?
    Its very hard with music on youtube these days
  5. Fuggz

    Fuggz Power Member

    Mar 25, 2010
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    I have worked with successful music labels before and you should take one thing into consideration-- "Is your music good"? Now that might be a subjective term, I am sure your music is good, but what I am really asking is if your music is something that a lot of people will like? I have had $2k marketing budgets perform as well as $60k budges simply because of how well the music was shared! If an artist is good, and enough people are inclined to share the music, they may not need any marketing at all!

    What should you do if you feel your music is good and many people will like/share it? Make it easy for them to share it before you throw a bunch of traffic at it. Setup even just a single page site and slather it with your social media accounts and plugins!!! Use ALL the popular social networks and link them all (ex. YouTube link to SoundCloud, Facebook page, Insta, ect.). Use your personal site as a hub and make sure you post interesting things, then use other techniques from BHW to boost all your other social networking accounts along with YouTube! If it's good your traffic will snowball until you go viral!

    Also a lot of those Channels accept submissions. I have seen a lot of the channels with email submission links. Check ones like ChillNation, TrapNation, ect. depending on your genre/flavor and remember you can always use search operators to scrape channels in your genre that have submission requests very easily!
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