Anyone help me with this embed coding error?


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Oct 22, 2012
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Im trying to insert a Vimeo video file into a WP theme and I keep getting this error:

"Task Queue failed at Step 5: Playlist could not be loaded due to cross policy domain restrictions"

Ive looked around and cant find any clues anywhere.

Its really boring the tits off me now. =/

Any advice is appreciated.
Are you trying to embed using vimeo player? is the video public? Are you trying to link the video file from Vimeo directly?
the WP theme tells me to insert the video URL. so i pasted the video URL in there.
the video is public yes.
yes i am linking directly from vimeo.

Are you using a specific plugin to embed the video or just coding from scratch? If it is a plugin asking for the URL of the video, try removing any quotation marks around the path. Do you have a space in the file name of the video? This can cause issues in a lot of scenarios.

See if any of this solves your issue,

Hope that helps,

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