Anyone have experience writing for knoji?

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    Just happened to come across it. Seems like article payouts are extremely low but writing a product review can get you as much as $12, and "company snapshots" get you $5. Is it worth the time or am I better off with other writing websites?
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    Knojii is fantastic when you are thinking of residual income. I would add this site the list of sites you may write 3 articles for a day with the full intent of getting paid monthly. The pay scale/ indicators they utilize to determine how much you get paid often fluctuate based on traffic generated to the site so proceed with expectations of making about $ 10 -15 per article with a payout at the end of the month.

    Great site, fantastic updates and wonderful place to create content worthy of using for a portfolio to capture potential clients for higher paying gigs.

    Hope that helped.
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