Anyone have experience with GSA Search Engine Ranker? Willing to pay someone to help me

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by mqs1000, May 6, 2016.

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    I recently purchased GSA and set up all of the options, signed up for multiple services such as Death By Captcha, bought private proxies, bough 1000 hotmail email accounts, Indexification link indexing service, SerEngines web 2.0 creator, and Wicked Article Creator. I configured all of the options and must have messed up somewhere and can't figure out what it is. The program only creates about 5 verified links per hour. The vast majority give me errors ranging from "captcha error", "captcha service Death By Captcha is not responding/can't solve", "question input canceled due to aborted project", "matches engine" - followed by some random name, "wrong engine detected", "registration failed", "required variable", and more.

    I'm willing to pay someone to share my computer screen via and go through the settings and options and try to fix some of these issues. I'm available all day and night tomorrow and all day Saturday. Can someone help me out? Please respond here or message me, name the price, and the job is yours.
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    1:for Death By Captcha, did you have test the Death By Captcha by gsa ser captcha test button? sometimes you will get fail by gsa ser captcha test. if you have set all things right, you need to contact with the DBC service people(go to gsa ser forum and post a topic about this, then the dbc boys will contact with you.)
    2:for "question input canceled due to aborted project", "matches engine" - followed by some random name, "wrong engine detected", "registration failed", "required variable". seems that you let gsa ser to scrape the url by itself, if you want get a high rate of the verifiled links speed, you can buy lverifiled links from some online service or you need pay more times to learn how to write your own "footprints" and run them by scrapebox or gscraper.

    hope can help you.
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    Hello Friend I have a little experience, you could help if you want to leave me your skype, so let's talk about better. Best regards