Anyone have a working twitter following bot? after spetmber 5?


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Apr 16, 2009
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twitter changed there programs so that it needs oauth to login and all the bots such as hummingbird tweetadder wont work anyone know one that works and can follow keywords based on tweets? thanks
TweetAttacks is still working, however you will have some more manual labor involved as opposed to the other tools that used the API.
do you think they still can remake the API bot to do that again?
You are screwed.

We had a twitter train with over 3k. Tweitter changed their API to Aoth. Everyone that bought into the follow train is now dead in the water.

Ahhhh....but the smart engineer always has a backup plan :)
It's being done as we speak with the new API. You think a change in code is going to stop me? I want to take over the world!!!!

There are ways around everything. i worked too hard coding to gain what we have. Let them change what they want.

This is business. you either roll with the change or go home to mommy.
Yep, as said before, TweetAttacks is still working.

Has always been the best IMO.
i use twitter blaster pro everyday. no problems at all. of course that is just gather id and auto follower
If you built your own, you have a DB. There is a GOLD mine stored in that DB.
Most people that this hurt were the one's that have their own thing going. Even though the API is worthless, alas, there is a MySQL DB that stores all the goodies.

Darn forun will not let me post what I need to say...grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
yea you just might have to bite the bullet and buy one of the working bots, or wait till some one comes up with a newer version but it could be weeks and your could louse money if you are banking of twitter best keep going an invest in your business.
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