Anyone from Ubud, Bali?

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    Hello. 2 years ago I have moved to Bali to work online from here, so I know that a lots of internet marketers right now moving to this kind of countries like Kuba, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam etc. The summer here all year long, ocean is near, a lot's of beautiful places and it's absolutely great to live here.

    So I was just interested how many blackhaters here in Bali, I live in Ubud, and I would love to meet people from BHW who live here. I do CPA, SEO, Adsense, Adult and a lot's of other things :) So PM me if anyone is living here

    Also if anyone is interested to move to Bali, especially to Ubud, ask your questions, would be happy to help you out! Google "Ubud" if you interested :)