Anyone ever consider newspaper inserts?


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May 10, 2009
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I bet you could make a fortune
It costs around five cents per piece.. $50-$60 per thousand, usually..
I mean, hell, compare that to direct mail .. junk mail probably converts like SHIT and costs MANY TIMES as much
Determine about how many readers they have, only real way to base a price off of something like that. Not to mention how much information you can give just off an insert.
Seems like a complete waste of time. Why would you when you can target highly targeted search traffic?
Highly targeted search traffic costs alot of money
Last time I used it, I tried buying low traffic low price keywords.. worked well until they refused to send me traffic because of "low search volume" IE: they couldn't charge me enough. .. sigh

Man if you can stay ahead of the cost you can make a FORTUNE with search traffic

I'm hopeless with SEO so free search traffic ain't there ... LoL
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