Anyone else have e-ADD? How do/did you overcome it? I've wasted so much time on dead ends.

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    Jun 23, 2012
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    Since I was a senior in high school I have tried several methods of making money online, some significantly more successful than others, but nothing that really lasted or provided a truly steady and secure income. I'm now 24 and have pretty much nothing to show for all the hours I have put in behind a keyboard.

    The most prominent method of being successful online that I have heard is to create a website or blog and provide quality content about a subject that you are passionate about, and stick with it. Eventually the traffic will come in and increase over time and eventually you will be able to make money from advertising, affiliate products, etc.

    For me that method has posed a problem, because I have never really been able to focus on any one subject (which is why I'm in the crap position I'm in). I like a broad spectrum of topics, and the things I am passionate about are already pretty saturated: nature photography, current events & politics, making money online, website I really can't provide any unique, quality info that someone else hasn't already provided over and over..this really puts a dent in my confidence to move forward with any individual idea.

    I have the technical know-how. I can program PHP, work with MySQL databases, build and manage websites on Wordpress, Joomla, and even code a website from scratch (something I've done quite a bit). I am capable of building pretty much anything I can think of in terms of a website, and I've done it quite a few times for other people...which makes it that much more frustrating that I can't seem to create anything good for myself to improve my future, which is currently non-existent.

    Does anyone else have this problem of E-ADD? How did you overcome it? I know it's all in my head, but I can't seem to get around it and would love to hear from others that have had this problem and overcame it and made a future for themselves.