Anyone else had their Bing Account HACKED?

Discussion in 'Yahoo & MSN' started by silentNinj4, Jun 26, 2013.

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    I created an account on bing few months back, and was slowly learning to advertize and make some money with a affiliate. I didnt use the account for few weeks because I was taking a class and didn't need to login. When I logged back in yesterday it was hacked!:zx11pisse hacker added campaigns to some fat loss video site called "Dr. OZ". He also changed my secret answer. the worst part is that I got charged $240 for the additional spend. This sucks!!! I know bing will give me my money back but, i can't advertize until the account is clean. I googled and found out that there were also other people who got account hacked.

    Anyone else had this problem? How did the hacker hack into my account? I am very careful when using my login information. any information will be helpful
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    he probably used a keylogger. Run some security tests on your computer to find out whether you're hosting some malicious software. If you still have access to the account, I suggest you log in to it from a different computer, and change your password.