Anyone else experiencing way too long reveiwing times?


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Sep 14, 2009
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OK.. I've been on A*C for about 25-35 days... Right upto now I had submitted a fair amount of articles (~45-55).. have earned decently with something around $3 per article.. AC usually reviewed my content within 2 days for a while now.. but the last some articles are still waiting to be reviewed in like 6-9 days.. Does it have something to do with my possibly low Pageview count (350-450 during the whole time)??

Sorry I can't give out the exact figures.. Cant be too careful about A*C modding and patrolling here... :)
AC expects there articles to be atleast 1000 Pageviews, or somewhere around there. Due to your low traffic they may have "put you on there list." That means it will take longer to review your content and you will start to receive a lot of shitty 99 cent offers. It could also be that they are just a little slow this week. If you find almost all of your content is getting 99cent shit offers then it may be time to start a new acct if you are doing this the blackhatway.
Nah, I don't think it has to do with your PVs (I'm no expert though). A few weeks ago, I had one article sit for 2 WEEKS (it was a C4C too) before it was reviewed and I got paid. Most of my stuff gets reviewed within 2 or 3 days. My guess is that certain content manager review certain topics or niches, and perhaps that niche was swamped? IDK though. The C4C that was stuck for 2 weeks was a fashion article and I submitted a very similar C4C fashion article on the same day and it was reviewed within a day.
@nick: I'm receiving decent offers of about 2.5 - 4.0.. except for few about 7-8 that were rejected.. I know the rejection rate is pretty high and I'm working on it.. It has gone down a lot though.. thanks to the wonderful threads here.. :)

btw what do you mean by 1000 PVs.. I mean per article per month??

@Happy: Maybe I just need to wait a little...
Yeah, AC's editors have certain categories they're assigned to review. If the category you submit to is backlogged it can delay the review process. It's normal for it to take 3-10 days, but they've actually been pretty on the ball lately so we've been seeing things reviewed within 24-48 hours.

Sit tight and I'm sure they'll get to it soon.
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