Anyone Else Experiencing This?

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Which gives you better return on your investment?

  1. Mini Niche Sites (Less than 70 pages)

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  2. Mini Authority Sites (More than 70 pages)

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    Jan 5, 2010
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    I made the switch recently after the Sept. panda update from crappy 10-30 page mini niche sites to large authority style sites (70+ pages).

    From low quality $1.5 articles to $5-$7 articles, from generic themes to premium themes (custom header too) only to find that these "large" sites don't even make a fraction of what the mini niche sites make. :(

    The only thing that's more is the traffic and the rankings.

    I'm doing more research, paying more money, spending more time only to have visitors avoid clicking any ads. I've tried over 15 ad variations and locations, various cpa and affiliate offers in 5 different niches and CTR is always 0.2% average.

    My micro niche sites I whip together while half asleep, toss a single ad under the title and bam, 10-15% CTR. Only reason I stopped was cuz of panda.

    Why is it bigger and higher quality sites make nothing in comparison to small crappy sites (my small sites make more than my authority sites even with the panda penalty on them lol).

    maybe I should reduce the quality of my articles, re-hire all my old $1.5 article writers and start profiting again :rolleyes:

    Sorry for the rant, I just wanted to know if anyone else was in the same boat as me.
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