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Anyone doing anything in home security?

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by Tylercoon2010, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. Tylercoon2010

    Tylercoon2010 Newbie

    Mar 30, 2012
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    I have connections and contracts with most of the major Home Security installers in the usa. Home security can pay out sometimes in the $1000's per install with the right connections and industry knowledge. Right now there are so many ways people are generating leads for home security, I figured with all you SEO genius's on BHW we could figure out a way to generate leads cheaper and get them straight to me to close/sell and then sell the installation to the alarm company.

    This would require no money unless your methods of marketing are expensive and I would be able to cut you in on profit, be it per lead or per install. I can install home security in 25+ states and get paid VERY well per install due to my great connections with the TOP dealers in the USA(Not ADT - they rape you when it comes to commission).

    Quit thinking about the $25-$35-$45 products, help me market a product worth HUNDREDS per customer! I have the industry knowledge to close/sell the customer if you will help me generate the leads for them. Not doing this through a company this is simply me and my own personal contracts so the only people to split the money would be me and you.

    I have over 45+ installers with my network of alarm contracts and I work 9 am to 9 PM every day so these leads that come in will be instantly closed/sold and set for install asap. I do this for a company now and I have been trained by the best in the industry on home security sales.

    Also: I already have a lead gen page but I think it needs some help(Any advice you could give on my landing page would help also - I know I'm a newbie but I have been doing my own web/advertising work for small marketing companies for about 4 years now and I want to be able to work with others on projects I have).

    If you want to check it out and give me any tips on how I could make it any better/ how you could send more traffic to it and get me better leads just PM me. Don't want to post the link and look like I'm just trying to spam it :)

    We Can split the commission 50/50(This means you make an average of $200-$500 per install based on equipment and mmr-monthly monitoring rate, I sign them up at).

    Thanks! Hope I didn't break any rules here - I am a newbie. Any advice would be appreciated on how to get help a better way or in a different thread.