Anyone Can Make Money Doing This!! ($10-$100++ daily)

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    I don't speak English very well, so I'm sorry if there are any typos. :)

    Let me get right to the point. This method revolves around traffic exchange websites. What are traffic exchange websites? Just as the name suggest, you'll be exchanging traffic. Every time you watch other webmasters sites, you will get "credit" or "minutes" - with those you can advertise your own website - thus "exchanging traffic".
    There are many many traffic exchange websites, I recommend choosing around 3-5 that are popular and reliable. After finding & registering on the exchange sites we get to the ironic part - we're going to put up a website on each exchange site, that is advertising the OTHER exchange sites (with our refer links, of course.)

    For example: A website was put up on, the traffic it's getting is very targeted because every person who surfs it got there because he is a webmaster who already knows what traffic exchange is, and he is already using it on at least one website (trafficspammer for this example), so it is very likely he might register on similar websites.
    On that same website there will be 3-5 of your referral links to other traffic exchange websites. Make this page look very neat and eye catching, try to explain to the surfer why he should register under these exchange sites listing all the positive thing about them. (Willing to help with this!)

    Create 4-5 copies of this webpage and put it up on 4-5 different traffic exchange websites (remember to change it accordingly.)

    The rest is up to you! There are plenty of ways to twist this around (this is the basic method) and make more money, find good exchange sites that work well for you (there are many on this forum, you can Google it also).

    You don't need ANYTHING to start this up, a free domain/hosting will work as the visitors won't even look at it, the website is super simple to make and the best part it's 100% automated. Just keep the 4-5 traffic exchange "surf bars" open at all times if you can, and get endless amounts of targeted traffic. (And money :D!)

    Tip: Once you start making some cash with this, it's a good idea to upgrade your account at all the traffic exchange websites (costs less than $10 per website.) This will help you get more minutes per website you surf, and many more perks that will ultimately help you earn more!

    Send me a PM if you've got any questions and I will help you. I would've posted pictures but I'm not allowed to do so yet...

    I've made so much money doing this and I'm only 16! Don't delay - do this today! :)
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    Hi there!

    I have a few questions about this method. I can't PM yet, so I'll just ask this here. You can respond to me via PM if you prefer that :)

    1. Don't these websites normally give you credits/minutes for referrals? I haven't seen any that give out money for it. Or maybe I didn't look properly?

    2. Don't you have to actively use those sites, solve captchas and all that? Isn't that a little time consuming?

    3. Can you list a few of those site you are using?

    Thank you :)
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    destroyer of worlds...
    Welcome to Black Hat World........................
    Make money...? how...

    Traffic exchanges are normally junk traffic... its just people that want other people to see their site..... nobody is in the buying mode.
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    Thanks for this! Will try this as soon as I got home from Christmas vacation. Hitting the thanks button.
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    Agree completely. Not sure why people want all of this junk traffic, fake FB accounts, and fake Twitter followers. It is all junk. Traffic does not equal sales. Targeted traffic equals sales.